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Gnomon Copy’s FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) can be found here!
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We provide shipping via UPS.

We have a drop-off location for pre-packaged parcels at our Lebanon location. They can accept it with the pre-paid label already attached, or shipping can be processed and paid for on-site.

We do not accept UPS shipments at our Hanover location. Our friends at Hanover True Value/Hardware store do offer full UPS packaging and shipping services.

We do not sell shipping supplies, but we can have your printing order packaged and shipped to anywhere in the continental US.

Shipping price can only be determined after a job has been completed and packaged to ship. We will release a job to UPS once it has been paid for.

UPS automatically generates a free tracking number for your order!

We do not deliver to campus. We are, however, conveniently located just off Main Street just a couple blocks from the green!

Current United States Copyright terms based on the author’s death is Life + 70 years for works published since 1978 or unpublished works.

United States Copyright terms based on publication and creation date is 95 years from publication for works published 1964-1977;28 (if copyright not renewed) OR 95 years from publication for works published 1923-1963 (Copyright prior to 1923 have expired.)

Gnomon Copy takes Copyright very seriously. We must abide by the law and cannot legally make copies of any owned work without express written consent of the creator or publisher.

Copyright is established from the moment of creation, regardless of whether it is indicated on the created work, the work has or has not been published, or the work is available on the internet.

There are a few “Fair Use” exceptions.

Gnomon Copy is allowed to produce no more than 10 copies of a single copyrighted text article.

Gnomon Copy is allowed to produce one copy of an entire copyrighted textbook or booklet.

Gnomon Copy is allowed to produce one copy of a collection of copyrighted articles.

Under no circumstance will Gnomon Copy make reproductions of original or published artwork such as cards, designs, professional photographs, art prints, or other tangible works without the express written consent of the artist or publisher.

Ownership does not give the possessor the right to reproduce materials.

Gnomon Copy is happy to supply customers with a Copyright Release Form that can be filled out by the owner of the copyright allowing us to make reproductions. Gnomon Copy will also accept written release from the copyright owner over email.

If there are questions about whether or not materials are copyrighted, customers may make Self-Service copies at their own risk, understanding they are potentially breaking Copyright law. Alternatively, customers may sign an indemnification form releasing Gnomon Copy of all responsibility for the reproduction of Copyrighted materials.

Thank you for your understanding of this important issue.

300 Dots per inch (DPI or PPI) is considered print-ready resolution for digital printing.

Images downloaded off the internet (ie: Google image search, Facebook) are typically only 72 DPI and not print-quality.

You can determine the size and image will print at 300 DPI by using this easy calculation: Pixels รท DPI(300) = Inches

Gnomon Copy does not offer color/PMS-matching on in-house jobs.

Presentations does offer color/PMS-matching on some jobs, please contact for more information.

Hanover location – 603-643-4444

Lebanon location – 603-448-9999

Gnomon Copy accepts cash, local bank check (or major banks with a local address and phone number,) and all major credit cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover.)

Payment is expected at the time of pick up, once a job is completed. Credit Cards may be telephoned in ahead of time.

Hanover location –

Lebanon location –

Presentations –

Full-bleed refers to printing that goes right to the edge of the paper.

When submitting your print-ready PDF file for production, should your design require full-bleed, please ensure you’ve provided 1/8″-1/4″ bleed-space beyond your finish size so that we can print and cut to your bleed edge.

For example an 8.5×11″ full-bleed flyer would require an 8.625″x11.125″ or larger file.

Gnomon Copy can turn projects around based on three time-frames:

NOW – 24 Hours/Next-Day
LATER – 2-4 Business days
ECONOMY – 5+ Business days

Most projects can be completed within all three time-frames, but some projects, such as Perfect Binding require longer production times.

For PRESENTATIONS production jobs, please contact for more information.

We accept print-ready PDF files.
JPEG files are also typically okay for images, but not recommended.

We can print from some other file types (such as a .doc or .tiff,) but we do not guarantee the outcome of the printing after a non-PDF file has been converted into our PDF work flow.
There is also an up-charge for each file we have to convert to PDF.

PDF creation is standard across all modern computer platforms! On most PC’s or MAC’s you can simply choose File –>Save As and choose PDF or Adobe PDF as your preferred file type.

Alternatively, on some PC’s and almost all MAC’s you can also choose File–> Print –> Adobe PDF as your printer from the drop-down printer select menu.

Most smart phone and tablet platforms also include the ability to create PDFs, but please refer to your phone’s manual for further instructions.

We typically recommend PDF creation on a Laptop or Desktop platform, however.

Both Gnomon Copy locations are open from 8AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.
We are not open on the weekends.